fredag 31. august 2012


Every fall semester I teach bachelor-level and master-level microeconomics at the University of Stavanger, Business School. I am teaching the former course for the fifth time and the latter course for the third time.

Each semester, I put forth what I call a "tattoo challenge" to the students in each course, respectively. In the passed, the promise has been that I will get a market (demand - supply) equilibrium  graph tattooed on my upper arm if (and only if) all students pass the course.

This year, I have refined the challenge (with permission from my brilliant, beautiful, and lovely economics wife): If all students, in either course, pass the exam, I will get a tattoo of the EDIWM logo.*

I figure this is the closest I will ever  get to feeling like a sailor. From back in the days when men were men, travelled out to sea,  and came back permanently inked with various images (including those of nude ladies)!

Cheers & Happy Friday! Greetings from MILJØØKONOMENE!  

*This promise is conditional on approval from the image-owner and that a tattoo artist guarantees it will come out visually cool on my biceps!

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  1. That's a little too endogenous for my risk-calculations. Perhaps a cool picture of a naked girl will lead to an easy exam?